Lepel Watch Cap 
Our take on the staple winter accessory: Crafted from a cozy, densely woven cotton yarn.

·  Color: Black
·  Merino Wool and Acrylic blend
·  Stitched Lepel Identity tag

Made in USA 

Billy Uomo —Limited Press ‘Nosotrosferatu’ LP

“For a while I was on a reverse schedule where I was staying up all night and sleeping all day, and I felt like I’d become an almost vampiric person,” says the Los Angeles-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. “I was in a relationship at the time and it didn’t work out, and I came up with the name Nosotrosferatu as a way of saying how together we created one singular fucked-up creature.”

·  Contains limited edition insert
·  Digital download

LR -0002

Listening Position no. 1
—Serban Ionescu - Critical Chair
Born in Romania in 1984, raised in New York City, Serban Ionescu’s work spans across sculpture, painting, design and architecture. With his distinctive lines which emerge from his drawing practice, vibrant use of color and cartoonish gestures, Serban infuses his works with anthropomorphic shapes and a constant intuitive play on shifting scale and form.

Made in USA 
Lepel Oxford White
—Shnaydermans Collab 
·  Bone Pitch White
Sold Out

Made in Portugal

Lepel  Records 
—Logo Version Water Bottle
·  Transparent Smoke 

Made in  USA

Knickerbocker Scarf 
—Logo Pattern

·  Classic Pattern Edition

Sold Out

Made in Portugal

—Limited Jules de Ballincourt  “Canyon Kids” Vinyl

Bolstered by some of indie rocks finest, the debut KARIO EP features Jon Natchez (The War on Drugs), Garret Ray (Vampire Weekend), Elijah Thomson (Father John Misty), Mitchel Yoshida and Stewart Cole (Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros), Lewis Pesacov (Fools Gold), and Rachel Goodrich. 

·  500/500 collectable  Jules de Ballincourt cover
·  Crimson Wax
·  Samuel Burgess Johnson lyric Insert


Vivienne Westwood
—Plimsoll Canvas 
high top  

Color: Black



Lepel Records 
—’We’re Going to Die’ Tee
In resonance with Billy Uomo's 'We're Going to Die’ released 01/26/24, Lepel associate designer, Michael Cina, employs his freehand sketch technique to unveil an eye catching and vulnerable Nosferatu. This collaboration promotes mindfullnes and a youthful zest for living in the moment. 


Lepel Records  —Embroidered Classic Logo Hat

Color: Black

Made in Portugal  

—’Audition’  Vinyl LP 

The debut album from KARIO, Audition is a vessel for the kind of revelatory pop songs that contain a rare constellation of elements: arcane wisdom and unfettered emotion, poetic observation, and wide-eyed philosophy. 


Lepel Records—Canvas Carry All Logo - Tote
·  Color: Natural 

LR -000M4
Made in Portugal 

Lepel Records —Classic Logo Identity - Tee

Introducing the Lepel Records classic Identity L-Tee. 
Release date: January 2024

·  Black
·  Mid-weight cotton

LR- 000M5
Made in Portugal

Michael Cina—A Century
of Artifice 

·  First Edition Hardcover
·  VSCO Artist Initiative™


Jeff Buckley x Dana Tynan 
—Lepel Records ‘Jeff Buckley Icon Series’  5/5 print

Rare photograph of the legendary singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley.

·  Black and White
·  Film to digital transfer


Lepel Records— Classic Crewneck Logo Sweatshirt 
Designed to be lived in. A sleek crew-neck sweatshirt, featuring a slight dropped shoulder and inset sleeves.

· Color: Black 

Made in Portugal

Lepel Blackout Socks
—Classic crew cut,
mid length 

·  100% cotton
·  Embroidered Logo
·  Color: Black

LR-000M6Made in Portugal

Billy Uomo 
—EP’s  Vinyl  LP  
Compilation spanning Billy Uomo’s introductory EP’s -’ Looking Through Tears’, ‘A’ll Trash No Love’, ‘Hello?’, ‘Wasted’. 

·  Contains Limited Insert
·  Digital download

Made in USA

St. Laurent—SL 51 square sunglasses

Brown, acetate, made in Italy. 
Lepel Records Affiliated

·  100% UV-protected  
tonal-tinted lenses

LR-000AF5 Made in Italy

Lepel Records Canvas Carry 
—Identity Tote

The Lepel Records Canvas Carry Tote is a medium weight canvas tote with an over the shoulder strap and snap closure. 

·  Color: Natural

LR-000M8 FrontMade in Portugal

LR-000M8 Back

Lepel Records Standard Mug —Vortex White, Icon logo

·  Ceramic

LR- 000M9


—Pin Up Girl Cameo Ring . 

·  K18K Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver
·  Engraved Side Logo. 

Lepel Records Affiliate.

Made in France

Lepel Records—Logo L Coaster

·  5” Black Felt

LR - 00M10

Palace —Fairfax Pro S33 8.06 
Skateboard Deck
Sold Out

LR- 000AF7
Made in USA

Listening Position no. 2 —Kelly Wearstler Harper - Swivel Chair
Sleek, angular lines, a fully articulated swivel base, and loose, knife-edge, seat and back cushions define the Harper Swivel Chair. The cushions use a 10/90 mix of duck down and feather for ultimate comfort. Featuring 8-way hand tied springs our engineered hardwood frames rely on mortise-and-tenon joinery, setting the standard for quality and craftsmanship. Available in a curated selection of fabrics and leathers.

·  33"W X 36"D X 30"H
·  18" Seat Height

LR - 000AF8
Made in USA

Lepel Watch Cap 
Our take on the staple winter accessory: Crafted from a cozy, densely woven cotton yarn.

·  Color: Red
·  Merino Wool and Acrylic blend 
·  Stitched Lepel Identity tag

Jeff Buckley x Dana Tynan

Rare, film to digital print
Early 90’s East Village 

·  Dimensions
·  Paper


Ellie Mercer 
—Silver and Resin Ring
Lepel Records affiliate Ellie Mercer uses silver and resin to create one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. Handcrafted in the designer’s London-based studio, the Multi Piece Ring is made from solid silver and features clear resin cut-outs in organic shapes.

·  Silver and Resin
·  Handmade in London

Made in London


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