Lepel Records is a modern format record label, art, and artist services company. Our mission is to empower creators of unique cultural value, propelling artists forward as entrepreneurs through equitable and uncompromising partnerships. 

We assist in the launch of successful artist-driven brands as scalable businesses, offering a dedicated team to help artists plan, execute, and envision their long-term goals. We foster an art-forward community that believes left of centre ideas can thrive in the mainstream.

Notable releases include the introduction of indie collective, KARIO, and the first full length album ‘Nosotrosferatu’ from acclaimed indie DIY’er Billy Uomo.

Servicing the intersections of classic-alternative, indie-rock, and avant-pop, Lepel strives to be genre-agnostic and takes pride in its untethered music industry independence.

Lepel Records, a division of Lepel Group, was founded by artist/producer and entertainment executive Chris Blood. Operating in partnership with screenwriter and songwriter, Kario Salem, Lepel Records is globally distributed by Virgin Music Group, a division of  Universal Music Group.

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